“A Taste of Zen”

Coming up ths Summer, 2019   

(Details to Come Shortly)

Come join us for a morning of “Introduction to Zen Meditation” at the Hammond Museum.


The event will start with a short 10 minute instruction on Zen meditation. This will be followed with a 10 minute session of meditation followed by a 5 minute walking meditation and then another 10 minutes of meditation


Zen Master Paul Tesshin Silverman is the head Abbot of Tetsugyuji Zen Temple in Japan (www.tetsugyuji.com) and Yorktown Zen  (http://yorktownzen.org) in Westchester County.


He is a dharma lineage holder of the Sanbo Kyodan or “Three Treasures” school of Zen and is the first westerner to be named a head Abbott of a Zen Temple in Japan.



Tesshin Teaching the “Zen of Star Wars”

Tesshin was at Briarcliff Middle School on May 17, 2019 teaching how Zazen (seated meditation) is the first step of Jedi Training.

All had lots of FUN!!

Zen of Starwars 1 - May 17 2019
Zen of Starwars 2 - May 17 2019

Yorktown Interfaith Service

Tesshin Speaking on Peace

Yorktown Interfaith Service

November 2018